Our Vision
To be Indonesia’s leading local Cocoa Products and Chocolate Company
Our Mission
To profitably build a strong chocolate and cocoa products business in export and domestic markets with quality that customers and consumers trust.
To invite and promote customers as partners to progress together.
To be the reliable partner of local cocoa farmers for sustainability, and in creation of employment opportunities for those who are more vulnerable.
To be the employer of choice in Indonesia’s cocoa industry.
Record of success: What we do comes from over 60 years of our business’ learning. Kalla Group serve various business sectors from automotive trading, Housing & Commercial property, construction, transportation (land, sea, and air), energy, reforestation, finance and logistics, education, and now agribusiness. ….significantly cocoa. Our push is to build strong and co-operative relationships with key farming groups helping us enable a reliable supply of high-quality cocoa beans. Our goal is to consistently meet customer’s requirements for food-safe, flavorsome chocolate of specified color. We are committed to responsible sourcing practices and are working towards a cocoa economy in Sulawesi that is in tune with the market, yet “economically viable, ecologically sound and socially acceptable”.
Our modern 35,000 tons per annum cocoa bean origin grinding facility in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi is strategically located for close proximity to an important, large cocoa producing area with a technically improving cocoa-grower base. The factory building is designed for expansion to 70,000 tonne per annum. Kalla Kakao Industri dedicates itself as a major semi-finished cocoa products manufacturer to supply world class products.
Customer First, Quality Best
The Chocolate Manufacturer needing reliable supply of quality, custom matched cocoa products will find sourcing PT Kalla Kakao Industri’s Cocoa Butter, Powder, Liquor and Cake eases stress in procurement, because our focus is to align and closely match customers’ essential Chocolate characteristics. We tell our customers, “Unlike Cocoa Grinding Giants, Kalla Kakao cocoa products shall be prescribed to your required chocolate profile, and as a partner you can trust our responsiveness to deliver your cocoa solution. “ We recognize our customer and partner as friend.
Our Winning Corporate Ethics
Kalla Kakao Industri is one of the subsidiaries of diversified Kalla Group which is specifically engaged in agribusiness sector. Kalla Group is a noticeable example by which a company is managed and run on the ethos of hard work, fairness, respect and mutual trust.
These very basic ethics are deeply rooted on cultural and religious values that recognize all spheres of life as the field of service to God and mankind. Conjoining business and social responsibility, Kalla Group grows and thrives along with society.

Starting from the small shop grocery, the enterprise develops into a reputable international one. The business group has established a strong presence over six decades and proven as one of the Indonesia’s most stable companies in the face of crises thanks to its exceptional management, experience and the emphasis on its service.
The group had expanded its business stretch into numerous sectors com-prising automotive trading, property construction, transportation (land, sea and air), reforestation, finance, energy, logistics, and education. The group now becomes the parent of several subsidiary holdings namely PT. Amanah Finance, PT. Baruga Asrinusa Development, PT. Bumi Jasa Utama, PT. Bumi Karsa, PT. Bumi Sarana Beton, PT. Bumi Sarana Utama, PT. Inti Karsa Persada, PT. Kalla Electrical System, PT. Kalla Inti Karsa, and PT. Poso Energy.

Along with its subsidiaries, the group has provided a considerable contribution to people and to the country’s development. Being one of the largest companies of the country and its success prompted Kalla Group to engage into agribusiness sector with the construction of cocoa factory under the flag of PT. Kalla Kakao Industri.
Kalla Kakao is entering the global cocoa market with the proud heritage of Kalla Group brand as the guarantee of its product profiles that meet international customers’ needs. Backed with an enormous sum of Kalla Group resources, Kalla Kakao Industry is prepared and set for world’s cocoa derivative product manufacturer with state-of-the-arts facilities, the best equipment and internationally qualified team of experts, exceptional research as well as integrative process of production. Full set up factory infrastructure and resources can joined with Kalla’s corporate basic values are the explanatory factor for the company to be confident in the drive to be the leading international cocoa application producer.
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